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I quickly handed over what needed to be done to my right-hand man and flew to Bangkok the next day," the year-old told The New Paper. He suffered from bronchitis for years and died in his home in Thailand. He was They had consulted him about their careers. Mr Lim, too, sought guidance from the White Dragon King for his restaurant business. He would visit the man often - sometimes with his friends.

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Yet, there were some who went, seeking winning 4-D s. Since the death of the White Dragon King on Saturday, groups of Singaporeans have thronged his temple in the past six days to pay their last respects. For the last 15 years, tour agent Alan Tan, 65, has been taking between 30 and 40 people every month to Thailand to see the mystic.

He said 20 people will be going with him on Aug 29 "to pay their respects and attend the funeral".

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Mr Tan Yeow Chong, 40, a tour and transport operator with Siam Kid Travel, said he had arranged transport for 60 to 70 people. I'm expecting about people," he said, adding that about 20 had already visited and would return for the funeral. I rent out about 20 to 30 vans a month, each carrying eight people," he said. Born on May 5,near Pattaya, Thailand, to Chinese parents, Mr Chow Yam-nam was said to have worked in the electronics industries. He was only 13 when he had visions of an obscure Chinese deity that appeared to him as a great white dragon, reported Eastweek Magazine.

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When he was 28, he escaped death in a car crash and was "told" by the dragon to build a temple. Mr Chow taught himself palmistry, soothsaying and fengshui.

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But it was in his 40s that he became a trustee of the dragon king spirit and had been dressed in white since. He was said to have received the white dragon enlightenment and earned the badge of what is called Interactions Between Heaven and Mankind, and his life was changed after that, reported East week Magazine. Covered by a cloak of mystery and legend, the White Dragon King, claimed to have studied the art of xuanxue Neo-Taoism through watching others.

Since he had become the trustee of the dragon king spirit, quite a of Hong Kong actors and actresses sought his blessings.

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Singer Daniel Chan regained his place at the top of the charts after a visit to the self-styled guru. Get The New Paper for more stories. Your daily good stuff - AsiaOne stories delivered straight to your inbox.

White dragon thailand

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