Why is dota 2 matchmaking so bad

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1 2 template Next. How can this matchmaking be such a ugly abomination of bad players in Very High Tier matches? Why isn't Valve doing anything about it? No single match has been enjoyable since at least 2 months now. What the hell is going on? Did they completely erase the rating so that everyone just gets matched with random players? Every game has been extremely one-sided.

Either it's a complete stomp or you get completely stomped and that because of mostly having at least really really bad or new players on any of the 2 teams. This can't be fun for the bad players either. Last edited by ranaki ;PM. Tags: None. I can see here only one solution: making leagues like in starcraft2, which will be never crossable. And options for choosing "degree" of match like "nonserious", "normal", "comp" from player - stronger opponents, more wait time, more impact factor. This does not decide problem pre-vs-rand, and rating inflation does not dealt with - which are biggest problems, because Elo is not progress meter.

Even in chess, Elo worth nothing without chess degree and leagues. Team rating is a place where all rating problems are native. You can see team ratings never age, which is complete bs. If team does not play in latest week, rating should be freezed and team dropped from any "tops". Now I can see teams with 5k and in top. OMG, what the hell?

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What the noobs are they if they played only 3 games? Because of this eternal rating problem, its not worth to any teams and team games is total bs. Last edited by BlastoCyst ;PM. Comment Post Cancel. I just played a "high" match on my smurf where the Viper on my team built Vanguard and Poor Man's Shield We need a player review system like Overwatch for DotA 2. Get real people to judge communication abuse, intentional skill abuse, and intentional feeding.

I've just stopped playing the game entirely until they do something about matchmaking. And of course when such players make the team lose, everyone loses MMR and is put with even worse players, and these are 'high' games, i was kicked out of 'very high' after a losing streak. I was consistently finding more balanced games in the 'high level' rooms on garena a couple of years ago where people were not punished by automated systems because people failed false reports, and reports were made on the forum and backed up with a replay and screenshots before punishment. The matchmaking is just an unplayable mess in its current form, I just can't bring myself to play it anymore, most of the game are just not fun and i'm constantly put with complete beginners.

Last edited by Jones ;PM. I can imagine situation, in near future, when there will be no other new topics in this forum, than about failed MM and valve still does Why is dota 2 matchmaking so bad with it Excuse me my english. Originally posted by BlastoCyst View Post. Originally posted by zdzisek View Post. I didn't play dota for a week or two now cause I refuse to waste my nerves on this idiotic matchmaking. Last time I stayed away from dota that much is when I was on vacation. Two Tre. Originally posted by erik-the-red View Post. Shadow Dancer. I think it's worse than it's ever been right now.

I've had things like, the entire enemy team RQ before 12 minutes This happened only once beforea kunkka that was level 8 28 minutes into the game, way more often now that before I'll get beyond godlike every other game where before it was really rare, leavers all the time I rarely dealt with leavers at all. Honestly it's worse than low priority, and this all happened within the last couple days. Originally posted by ranaki View Post. Originally posted by Two Tre View Post. Nothing wrong with Vanguard on Viper if enemies fall slightly behind. If built early enough, most heroes will have no answer for Viper's aggression.

Who can kill Viper with early Vanguard from free farming the lane? People were just able to identify the specific situations when the MM produced idiotic. One noob in charge of MM is just a joke. This is nothing compared to the thousands of games played each day and if people were able to see the numerical quality of the match produced, then the community would be able to identify the specific situations in order of hours.

Originally posted by Fausto View Post. Yes No. OK Cancel.

Why is dota 2 matchmaking so bad

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