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By: Rajvarma [ protected]. This is story of group sex of me, my beautiful sexy Wife, Nivedita and some bastards. I was born rich and suceeded well in life and got married to Nivedita who was very far better match for me. I say this because though I was well built and handsome upto an extent my wife Nivedita comes from a poor family.

But is the sexiest female I would have ever got in my life. No man in this world, would not sleep without even thinking of having sex with her. She was hot lady with dusky skin tone and sleek body with huge firm tits.

She had an athelete body with nice round ass and big tits.

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Big tits here I am not saying about those of sagging boobs. But she had firm upright nice pair Wife fucked hard stories boobs and her sizes were After marrying her I moved to a new flat which was a pent house so that.

I can stay away from my parents and fuck her every day and night. I was very much obsessed with sex from my childhood so I used to satisfy all my wild fantasies with her. And to my wonder even she was very active sex partner and indulged in all kind of romantic and sexual activities with me without any denial. Like apart from normal sex I she used to suck my dick whenever we she got time like while while having coffee in evenings.

And I used to sometimes ejaculate on her face and her mouth. She used suck my balls so sweetly like a profesional prostitute. But saying all this she was very traditional lady and always used to prefer saree for any western outfit even for parties. She used talk to my parents very nice and takes care of them. She did all house duties and prayers kind of stuff regularly. But her looks and sexuality were so strong that I used to find many men eyeing her.

My colleagues, college guys, working men they all used to eye her as if they wanted to eat her alive. I used feel very proud of my sexy wife. I was successfull in life, had a beautiful wife and had good sex life since 1 year, though i felt something is missing. This was the mistake I made in my life. So when I used to good sex with my sexy wife, I used to feel inferior in front of her. Envy for her being more attractive than me and also she being more sexually active than me.

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So then I realized I was a normally sexually active guy but I wanted some fun in life regarding sex. So when this was the situation one day it happened that I and Nivedita went to a big party at my friends place. So that day when all women and men were drunk including me and my wife.

Everyone wanted to sleep. Since that was a big house there were many rooms. Then suddenly my friend Naresh and his wife Sunitha came into our room. They asked us whether they can share the room with us since they were the only couple leftover without a room. So we said yes. Then that couple were also drunk so they started having sex right beside me on the same queensize bed.

Nivedita went mad at that scene but I was kind of enjoying the stuff. Slowly I and Nivedita started kissing. But Nivedita told not to have sex now. But Naresh and Sunitha were already naked and Naresh was pounding her like a beast. Since I have never seen a sex so closely and even Nivedita some sort of arousal started for us. And not to mention Naresh was a body Builder with nice chest, abs and biceps.

But in contrast, his Sunitha was a dud. She was fat and flabby. Now I removed my clothes and even Nivedita removed her clothes but she was feeling shy and we too started having sex. So I was like two couples having sex on a same bed. Naresh and Suntiha started laughing and they were welcoming us for opening up. But I forgot that my wife was an angel and precious piece but it was late Naresh started praising my wife Nivedita. Though Nivedita was naked she felt shy and covering her boobs with her hands. Then Naresh asked Nivedita while still fucking Suntiha. We all were drunk so Nivedita thanked him for comments and slowly removed her hands to let go Naresh watch beautifull swinging boobs while I am fucking her.

This was the moment which struck me like lightening. All of the sudden Wife fucked hard stories where in side me I was satisfied. So I wanted more of it happening. Then I thought I should put this situation to test and I stopped fucking Nivedita and got off the bed as if I am going to the restroom. I already observed that Sunitha was sloshed and out of her senses unlike Nivedita who was now getting better.

While I was observing what was going on the bed from behind, Nivedita who was initially shy of showing off her body now started spreading her body all over the bed as if to show Naresh that even she Wife fucked hard stories a good body. Naresh smiled at her then even Nivedita smiled back to him. Since we were all drunk I was little worried about what happens next but I was also enjoying.

So without my knowledge I walked closed to the bed.

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Naresh turned back to me and asked may I. I understood what he meant but pretended as if I was drunk and alled him to go ahead without giving a single thought of what would happen next day or in future. By this time Sunitha was already unconscious and asleep. Everyone was asleep. I walked back to the room and everything was like a dream to me.

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But somewhere it was exciting for me so I opened the door half way and saw the scene. My wife Nivedita was being fucked like bitch by Naresh. Their sex position was so aesthetic that I was liking it rather than feeling bad.

Naresh was sitting on his knees on the bed and Nivedita sitting in his lap by wrapping her legs around him and her arms around his neck. They were kissing very passionatly. The last time nivedita kissed me that way was in the very beginning of our marriage.

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He was fucking her hard and his strokes made Nivedita huge round boobs swing and hit his chest. He then folded her hands towards her back making her breasts protude towards him and started sucking them and squeeezing the shit out them. He was wild and also Nivedita. They did it for very long time. What did you think of this story?? If IndianSexStories2. If you're on ISSstories.

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