Will my boyfriend ever propose quiz

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Monogamous relationship. Open relationship. Friends with benefits. A few months. Yes, many times. Yes, once or twice. It has not come up. Yes, all the time. It has come up. Not really. We've been avoiding it. We had a pet. No, none. Yes, once. We've set a date. I think so. Some of them. I haven't met any of them. I'm not really sure. I tolerate them. I have not met them. They grew apart. They wanted different things. He cheated.

I don't know much about his relationship history. Not to my knowledge. I don't think so. We used to. We live nearby, so we don't have to. He has tried. I can't remember if he has. Most times. Most of the time when we are not at work. Quite a lot of time. A few hours a week. I don't keep track. A couple of times a week. At least once a week. That's none of your business. Every day. One or two. I've asked him not Will my boyfriend ever propose quiz.

We text. Hanging out with me. Partying with his friends. I usually say it first. No, but he does it for me. He has his moments. Not at all. For the most part. Every now and again. Does smiling count? No, but I am a bit paranoid. I'm not sure. A few times. Not yet.

Will my boyfriend ever propose quiz

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Is He Going to Propose Quiz