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Camila Achutti grew up fascinated by code.

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In sheer s, Brazil is one of the most internet-connected countries on earth: Nearly million Brazilians have home internet accesstwice as many as a decade ago. In she co-founded PrograMariaan initiative that aims to bring more women into the tech sector. One of her first goals was to understand why so few women were entering her field. She was the only girl in her class and felt she had to work twice as hard to prove she deserved to be there.

It resonated—today the site has 30, unique monthly visitors. Barriers to entry for black women are even tougher. Silvana Bahia, director of programming at Olabi, a social enterprise that hosts a collaborative workshop, in Rio de Janeiro, says the lack of diversity in tech reflects broader problems of inequality Women of sao paulo brazil Brazil. Last year Bahia launched PretaLab, an initiative to map, count, and connect black and indigenous Brazilian women who work in tech with the goal of increasing their visibility and encouraging more women to the field.

She opened the network to the public in March, and within a month more than women had ed on. Since she graduated inAchutti has co-founded two start-ups: Ponte21, an innovation consulting firm, and MasterTech, an education center that offers workshops and online classes in coding, de, marketing, and business. Together, the companies employ 50 people — and are already creating more opportunities for women. Chan has also found a tremendous demand. Online ups for the course filled up within three minutes and generated a person waitlist.

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But those opportunities are increasing. The fruit of these efforts are new products geared toward women. Chan says apps likes these demonstrate the importance of diversity in the workforce.

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Women of sao paulo brazil

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Presence of Women in Brazilian Diplomacy is a topic of debate in Sao Paulo